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Lately the order of medicines via the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Very often, in those situations when we need medicine, we do not have time to visit the pharmacy to find the right drug. In addition, the range of modern medicines in pharmacies has become a very large and, visiting the pharmacy, we can not buy and the right half of the medicines. Given this specificity pharmacies, we want to offer you to make an order medicines online. Having made an order in the Internet - a drugstore, you can buy medication delivery.

Online pharmacy is working in the pharmaceutical market since 2000. Our success - is the result of years of hard work specialists pharmacy. We develop and implement their own, modern IT-technologies that will improve the level of customer service. On-line you can get all the information about the presence of a drug, a consultation on its application, place your order and delivery. We are constantly improving the quality of service, and continue to search for new forms of work.

Attentiveness to our customers - one of the fundamental principles of our work. Our goal - the health of those who appealed to us; We strictly follow to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with our service. "Just as in the pharmacy" - it's about us; Individual approach to each client, professional expert advice, affordable prices - a principle of our work. All work online - pharmacies focused only on the client; The main principles of our work has been and will remain the professionalism, reliability, quality assurance and authenticity of all of our products; We hope that our work, knowledge and skills are not in vain, and, turning to us, you will not be disappointed and you will return to us again and again!

Our online pharmacy guarantees the authenticity and quality of all delivered drugs medical supplies and other goods. All offered products are certified!

Buy Prescription Drugs Online

We have the right to conduct retail trade in medicinal products and other goods permitted to be sold through pharmacies. Along with the drugs, has the right to purchase medical products, disinfectants, personal hygiene items, optics, natural and artificial mineral waters, medical, dietetic food, beverages and tobacco products. The certification system of medicines is mandatory for pharmacies and serves to protect the interests of consumers who use drugs. Certification of drugs is carried out by accredited bodies (centers) certification based on the protocol analysis issued by the testing laboratories. We check whether each incoming drug accompanying documents.

Can it happen that the opening card of the goods, you will see only one tab "Book in the pharmacy," which means that this drug is not on the delivery. Attention! Please note that the price when booking is valid for the current work shift selected pharmacies. The next day the price may change slightly.

If you are registered on our website, you can enter your email address in the "username" and your password in the "Password", then press the "enter the pharmacy." The data you provided during registration will automatically default to the order form. Just have to click the "Submit Order" button. If you have not yet registered, then the link "Sign up" for you! If you, for whatever reason, do not want to register or authenticate, you can make a purchase by clicking the "Checkout without registering". On the form you must fill in the fields marked with "*" and click the "Submit Order" All order shipped. Registered users will receive a letter to the email address provided during registration. Unregistered users will receive a letter in the event that during the ordering process you specified e-mail.

Drugstore Online

The deadline for payment of the purchase price comes from the conclusion of the contract, ie transfer of goods freight forwarder. All prices are final prices. Some products may occur the cost of purchasing goods, which are accounted for separately. Actual price at the time of order. Available types of payment are recipe (statutory health insurance), advance payment, credit card payment and PayPal. In the case of pre-paid delivery of goods is carried out only after entering the credit throughout the purchase price. You can pay with credit cards American Express, Euro Card / Master Card or Visa. At the time of shipment to the credit card must be the required amount. We reserve the right to exclude payment methods.

Canadian pharmacy drugs - A pharmacy online reference of the new generation. Service shows the next pharmacy on the city map next to the desired location or metro. You can quickly see where and at what price to buy the necessary medication. We brings a pharmacy and a buyer, find cures now convenient and easy!

Save your money. All our products are cheaper than conventional stationary pharmacies. Of course, many people must ask the question: why do you have such low prices? The answer is simple: the price of the goods sold via the Internet, we are not required to lay any pharmacy costs of rent and related expenses prodazhmi offline. This explains our low prices, the quality of our products is not inferior to that sold in the city pharmacies.

In addition, ordering medications online you receive the goods with a minimum shelf life directly from the vendor, passing a few days or weeks of waiting for the buyer in the window of the pharmacy.

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